Residential Policies

During the mid-1960s, the Riverton Tower building at 5353 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, Florida, was acquired from Riverton Tower Incorporated with the approval of the Commissioner of Public Housing. At that time, Jones College occupied more than one-third of the available space in the building and the Federal Housing Administration was aware that the primary purpose of the building would be that of a college building.

Since 1977, a year during which Jones College closed all its dormitories, the apartment units of Riverton Tower that are not utilized or held for use in educational purposes have been designated, intended, and operated for occupancy by older persons 62 years of age or above.

The Riverton Tower Apartments of Jones College are intended and operated for persons 62 years of age or above in accordance with the following policies and in accordance with “Subpart E – Housing for Older Persons” in the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 as it relates to housing for older persons:

Policy:1. All occupied “units” will be occupied by persons 62 years of age or older.

2. All advertising and promotional material will be designed to be attractive to older persons and will be in strict conformity with Subpart E – Housing for Older Persons.

4. Ages of applicants for apartments will be verified by the use of:

(a) Drivers’ Licenses

(b) Social Security Records

(c) Birth Certificates

(d) Passports, etc.

…and the nature of the proof of age will be recorded in the rental files of the tenant or tenants, and initialed by an authorized representative of the building.

5. Advertising and promotion of Apartment Rentals shall state that the apartments are intended for persons 62 years of age or older.

6. During the first week of every month, the Riverton Tower Apartment Rental Offices will post conspicuously a list of the number of apartment units unoccupied at that date and which are available for occupants. The apartment numbers of the units available for rental will be listed and identified as being held under the provisions of paragraph 1 (above)of this Policy.

7. The maintenance, security, and custodial personnel employed by Jones College are provided for service to the entire building including College areas as well as apartment areas. Those employees required to live in the Riverton Tower building will be assigned apartments designated on the lists referred to above as “College occupied,” or “reserved for College utilization.”

8. A listing of amenities provided for Riverton Tower tenants is available at the Riverton Tower office, Suite 100 (first floor) of the building.

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