Riverton Tower

Riverton Tower was built in 1962. Because it was one of the first high rise apartment buildings in the area, many perspective residents were unfamiliar with condominium living in a building like ours and the business struggled to find residents.

Jones College purchased the building in 1964 and the residents were moved up to the higher floors. The College corporate offices and classroom space were located on first floor through the fourth. Dorms for students were located on the fifth floor through the eighth. Today the building no longer contains dorm rooms for students. Resident apartments are located on the third floor as well as fifth floor through the twelfth floor.

Our dock facility was permitted in 1970 and built in 1980 its cost was provided by a gift from donations to the College specially designated for use building the dock and boathouse.

The Arlington Campus of Jones College, located in the Riverton Tower building, was closed recently. The residents of the building still enjoy a close relationship with the College. Residents can take free classes, and enjoy the use of the college library on the third floor.

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